• Adam Harper

Get the Accolade you deserve: Awards pitching made easy with Ashbury

Before we know it, we will have reached the time of year when Asia’s finest financial publications invite banks and issuers to pitch for their investment banking awards. Yes folks, that normally starts in September.

At Ashbury, we know from experience how much the recognition conferred by these awards can mean to a firm. We also know how much work can go into preparing the submissions – and have a pretty good idea what a successful pitch looks like: we've been involved with successful campaigns for Best Bank, Best Investment Bank and Best Bank for Sustainable Finance awards from leading titles, to name just a few.

So we’re delighted to launch Accolade, a new and bespoke service that helps clients streamline the process of awards pitching and achieve the best possible results. Clients can choose from a range of options including:

  • Developing an awards strategy that supports your commercial priorities

  • Creating a powerful narrative about why you should win the awards you are targeting

  • Drafting compelling awards pitches that bring to life your narrative and key achievements, and managing version control

  • Liaising with publications to manage the submissions and pitch meeting arrangement process on your behalf

  • Creating materials to promote your awards successes internally and externally

Ashbury understands the need for complete confidentiality with awards submissions and will be happy to sign NDAs.

In a year marked by drama, uncertainty and volatility, getting the themes and positioning of awards pitches right is going to be more important than ever.

If you’d be interested to learn more about how Ashbury’s experience and ability to tell winning stories can help your business secure the recognition it deserves, please contact us on

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