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Your virtual client events deserve a bigger audience. Try some reverb with Ashbury.

Your challenge

With no travel and strict limits on public gatherings in most markets, financial institutions have been restricted to hosting entirely virtual client events for over a year.

Virtual events are widely expected to remain critical to client engagement even after the pandemic. This reflects a lasting shift in attitudes towards business travel and meeting virtual platforms.

Research suggests that an average of 40% of people who register for a webinar join the live event and then around 25% watch the replay.*

The replay audience for virtual events is crucial. How can you maximise the value of your event by driving the largest possible audience for replays?

Our solution

reverb by Ashbury drives replay views of your virtual events, maximising their value.

We do this by bringing together a global team of writers on a digital platform. The team watches your events and then quickly delivers compelling summaries and teasers for your client communications.

The content is:

  • Created to your specifications

  • Professionally edited to ensure consistently high quality

  • Available in English and/or Chinese

  • Delivered on time, every time

reverb content can be used or adapted for your:

  • Client email blasts

  • Bespoke emails and calls by salespeople

  • External websites

  • Employee communications

  • Social media platforms

reverb is commercially proven through extensive use, consistently high-quality and transparently priced.


Maximise the value of your virtual events

reverb improves the return on the investment you make in virtual events by driving more replay views by clients.

Free up your sales team

reverb gives time back to your sales team to focus on client conversations rather than writing event summaries.

Stand out from your competitors

In a market saturated with virtual events (and emails), reverb’s clear, consistent style will differentiate and elevate your client engagement.

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