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Pierre Goad

Former Group Chief Communications Officer, HSBC

"Authentic stories that shed new light on an organization are at the heart of corporate communications today. Adam has a proven ability to generate new ideas that can evolve established reputations. He also has a great track record of developing original content that realizes those new ideas and shifts audience perceptions."

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Robin Phillips

Former Co-Head of Global Banking, HSBC

Asia is central to the growth strategies of multinationals at the same time as geopolitical factors are making it more complex for companies to navigate overseas markets. In this environment, it's vital to invest in building and defending your corporate reputation in the markets where you are seeking opportunity.


Adam's distinctive strength is his ability to understand a business's needs and then develop new ideas and storylines that can support that business's goals. This and his deep understanding of Asia make him and teams that he leads valuable assets to any enterprise."

Gareth Hewett

Group Head of International PR, Ping An

Adam is a consummate PR professional with proven skills in corporate narrative development and storytelling.”

Sheel Kohli

Former Head of Corporate Communications, APAC, Credit Suisse


Adam has a passion for communications and writing which means that he brings a drive, energy and authenticity to all the content he produces and the strategies he executes for his clients.

I had the pleasure of working with Adam for four years, during which time we underwent significant change and growth, and where corporate positioning and clear differentiation was paramount to success. Adam played a critical role in helping shape our narrative and developing our story."